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Jordan Spieth Hit A Ball That Was Bound For Water Until It Hit A Fan Essentially Saving Him From Missing The Cut

When you're talking about insane stories of fortune, this has to be up there as one of the luckiest things we've ever seen at a golf tournament. On a drive that nearly could have ended Jordan's weekend with a ball out of play, the shot managed to hit a fan and ricochet back into play like it hit off of a trampoline right into the fairway. That guy has absolute knees of steel. Didn't even go down. Just took it like a champ.

Love to see Spieth offer basically whatever reward that fan wants for taking a ripper off the knee. He knows that knee made him some extra money, especially if he comes back and wins the whole thing. Which would be awesome. I always try to think of what I'd ask for in situations like that and I'd probably just go for the casual picture and maybe signed glove or ball. Would look great in a frame on the wall. Probably worth the bruise that guy is going to have for a little while.