Pat Beverley Called All Of Us At Barstool Chicago Fat

Took a little road trip up to the BEAUTIFUL city on the lake, Milwaukee, WI to check out Marquette vs. St. John's on the heels on watching DePaul vs. Seton Hall 90 miles south in Chi City. Needless to say, hilarity ensued. Kinda. Watch the goddamn video. 

Real talk - Chief and I drove back around 8:30pm last night. It was snowing hard as fuck and the roads weren't plowed. On that note, my windshield wiper broke off on the highway so I was hanging my head out of the driver side window the entire commute back home. It sucked balls, but I have the mental fortitude of a Navy Seal so we got home just fine. 

Also - shout out to Eddie on 1000 dog walk episodes. Kid just loves shooting the shit with the every day common man. There's a reason it's a top 10 podcast on the network and it's because Eddie is a perverted creep in the best way possible. No clue what I meant with that but I meant... something.

Pat Bev also swung through the office and called us fat: 

Which is ironic considering I'm 8% body fat and run marathons. Bet his ass can't complete the daunting 26.2. Guess what? I can though. Fat schmat 

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