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Shoutout To These Kings Fans Who Predicted Back In July That The Team Would Take Over The NBA This Season

Rocky Widner. Getty Images.

Listen I don't really care if you think I'm writing too many Sacramento Kings blogs recently. Grow up. When you have the type of season the Kings are currently having, you deserve all the publicity and praise you can get. Most years, that publicity is usually around how incompetent the Kings are as a franchise, but those days might be over for good I'm afraid. I thought Mike Brown said it best a few weeks ago when he talked about how when it comes to the Kings, it's not about who they were, it's about who they are

After another win last night against the red hot Knicks, who the Kings are at the moment is the 2nd best team in the West and one of the best clutch time teams in the entire league. 

The Victory Beam changed the vibe of the entire organization and they've never really looked back to the point where they are probably the best story in the NBA right now. 

To almost everyone in the basketball world, this year has come as a surprise. While most may have thought they could finally break through and make the Play In/playoffs, not many saw this coming. 

That is….unless you're these guys

Ah yes, Summer League. A truly special time in the NBA calendar. It's a time to overdose on hype, make insane predictions, and get your first taste of basketball for the upcoming season. A great example of this is the video above. This comes from after the first two games of the California Classic, and guess who ended up winning the whole thing?

The Sacramento Kings. Not only that, they never lost.

Did we know at the time what was about to happen? No. Well that's not true, these guys knew. You want to talk about a take aging well, I'm sure this fella was clowned for suggesting the Kings would win 40 games. At the time, that was a little outrageous so I get it.

The Kings are currently 39-26.

Not only are they going to hit 40 wins, they are going to SMASH 40 wins. 

I hope these three are talking all sorts of shit all these months later. They had the vision. Sure they were extremely intoxicated by Summer League success, but we've all been there at one time or another. That's why Summer League rules. I'm going to go so far as to suggest they should be invited by the team to initiate the Victory Beam lighting if they haven't already. In my eyes, they are just as important to the Kings record and league standing as the players or Mike Brown are, and I'm not sure you can prove me wrong. 

For my money, the best part of this Kings turnaround is what it means for that fanbase. Yeah they play a very entertaining style of basketball, yeah pretty much every game they play comes down to the wire and has some sort of insane finish which is very fun to watch, but this is about the city and the fans. They've been through HELL for nearly two decades. I mean think of what you have to have lived through when screaming


is viewed as an unrealistic goal or crazy take to the point where the internet clowns you for it. That's under .500!

So I want to give these bros credit. They nailed it. Now let's just hope the team holds on and these three get to be in the building once the playoffs start. 

Summer League man, sometimes it never lies.