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Patrick Mahomes Celebrated The Super Bowl The Only Correct Way - By Smoking Travis Kelce In Beer Pong

[Source] - Wide receiver Skyy Moore shared a video of his entire Super Bowl Sunday and the parade that followed days later in Kansas City. That video also takes viewers to that team party, and we see that Mahomes had a hot hand at ... beer pong.

I love this from Mahomes. That video looking like your average college house (with a way nicer mantle and cleaner floors). But the cans lined up on the side of the table, the white foldout table, guys standing around waiting their turn. That hit close to home. It's also not shocking. We know Mahomes likes his beer

We also know he has a history of being excellent at pong

It's not shocking. I mean, watch the dude throw a pass one time. If there were a Beer Pong Olympics I'd want him and Burrow representing the USA. Granted, they'd have to go through Olympic trials and everything, might lose to a couple guys from WVU, but they'd be the 1 seed. 

It also shows that Mahomes, not a bad guy to party with. That's as long as his family isn't around. The guy, like most normal guys, likes to let loose. Good. I'd want that from my starting QB too. Especially if my starting QB is delivering a couple Super Bowl wins. Look at him respecting the elbow rule too. A good foot behind the table like a respectable player.