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Duke Kept Receipts And Is Liking Preseason Tweets About UNC Being A National Title Contender

Now that's some good stuff. The Duke Twitter admin had his finger hovering over this tweet for the last five minutes of North Carolina's ACC Tournament loss to Virginia, just waiting for the game to go final and cement one of the most embarrassing seasons in college basketball history. You have to respect it.

While I love this move from Duke, UNC will always have the trump card of last year's Final Four. It is objectively hilarious that the preseason No. 1 Tar Heels won't make the NCAA Tournament, but I don't see how Duke has any chirp towards the school down the road taken seriously until at least 2040. Your legendary coach went out with a Final Four loss to your arch nemesis in his final game. You can enjoy beating UNC in the regular season and reveling in their historic failure, but that fact will always linger.

In a vacuum, though, this is fantastic trolling. I can't believe it's from the same account which, just days ago, tweeted one of the most embarrassing season recaps I've ever seen, but so goes the social game.

The main point to be taken from all of this, though, is that North Carolina was ranked No. 1 in the country to start the season and filed to make the NCAA Tournament. You hate to see it.