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Not To Overreact, But We Are Failing As A Country If This Man Isn't Thrown In Jail Immediately

I know you might be thinking this blog is about John Rich because of the thumbnail (still laugh out loud funny) and the tweet above, but oh no. I mean, sure, John Rich pulled a move. I gave him the right to be captain of the team when he wanted Rico over Joey Camasta only to then trade himself and Rico to Kirk's team after texting me let's keep our team together. 

Thank you blogger school for that. But this is about someone even dirtier. 

This guy. 

I don't care what the background is here, this is flat out unacceptable. I don't care if your kids go to Tennessee and Kentucky, they aren't playing. I don't care if your wife/girlfriend/mistress/whoever tells you to wear it or you're sleeping on the couch. You bring a pillow and curl up like a dog on that bad boy. You 100% don't put on a Tennessee hat with a Kentucky sweatshirt.

This is 100% a guy who chants SEC without a hint of irony. He probably claps and talks about how exciting it is that there are multiple SEC teams in an Elite Eight. Gross dude. You get to be a fan of one team. No jumping around. For sure not wearing conference rivals gear. 

I think the whole 'jail' thing can be overused and exaggerated. But I've never seen a heinous crime like this before. I've never seen a human being wear half Kentucky/half Tennessee. Lock him up. 

Fucking John Rich.