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Donnie And I Had To Warn A 17 Year Old Mets Prospect About Frank The Tank In The Dominican Republic

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On this week's episode of Donnie and Dave's Dominican Extravaganza, a name I just made up, we took a pit stop at the Academia de las Javillas in Santo Domingo to scout some teenage baseball talent. 

Yes, there was an unsigned 16 year old that I floated to the White Sox. If they do sign him, they should put me on payroll.


- We took some hacks in the cages:

- we played some catch

- we warned a 17 year old Mets' signee about Frank the Tank:

- and got a first hand look at the future of baseball.

Real talk - the reason I declared a Spanish major with Sports Management was because I wanted to do this as a profession. Find MLB talent. I sucked at baseball but knew what made a good player. Figured learn Spanish, get some shit business degree and become a scout while I work my way up to team president for one of the 30 clubs one day. Instead I'm sitting in my bed blogging this in my underwear. Funny how life works.

I was truly happy just hanging out at the academy though. These lucky assholes play baseball 24/7/365. Check out the video and when you're done, re-watch the first two videos at the LIDOM World Series. 

Thanks! 3 More episodes to go and they will typically drop on Wednesday nights at 8pm EST (may move some episodes do to NCAA tourney though, stay tuned) 



PS - We're live come thru