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Sick Ivy League: Seven Brown Lacrosse Seniors Have Been Suspended For 3 Weeks All Because Of A Noise Complaint

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Inside Lacrosse -- Seven Brown seniors are suspended until March 25 for violations of university policies that include being issued a summons by Providence police for a noise complaint, multiple sources have told Inside Lacrosse. The suspension originally ran through April 7 but was reduced after an additional review.

The suspended players include attackman Devon McLane, middies Logan Paff, Griffin King and Topher Bligh, SSDM Trevor Yeboah-Kodie and defensemen Oscar Hertz and Ben Palin.

BREAKING NEWS: College kids like to party. 

BREAKING NEWS #2: The Ivy League has no grip on reality and has absolutely no respect for their student athletes. 

I mean what the hell are we even doing here, people? Suspending a bunch of college kids for a whole damn month just because they got a little rowdy on a Saturday night? Keep in mind that this comes after the Ivy League has already robbed most of these kids of a full year of competition because those shit head institutions couldn't figure out how to handle COVID and had cancelled the entire 2021 season. Every other conference was back to playing like normal again. But the Ivy League is ran by a bunch of cowards who would rather rob their student-athletes of precious time than figure out ways to navigate through the sniffles. 

So now Brown wants to rip away a full year from these student-athletes AND an additional month because of a noise complaint? Unreal. These kids are seniors. These are the last few remaining months of playing together that they'll ever have in their life. And Brown just stripped that away from them because they were a little too noisy on a Saturday night. Makes me sick just thinking about how much of a piece of shit you'd have to be in order to hand out a punishment like that. 

Now I'm willing to admit that maybe this punishment is so outlandish that it wasn't just a "noise complaint" the fellas were issued. If there's more to the story then by all means, I can accept being wrong about this. But if it's truly just a noise complaint and that was enough to steal 4 games away from these 7 seniors, then Brown ought to be ashamed of themselves. 


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