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"This Is As High As I've Ever Been On Stage" - Joe Rogan Opens New Comedy Club That Sells Out In Seconds With A MASSIVE Line Up Of "Canceled" Comedians

Source - “Hecklers Will Be Alienated” from Joe Rogan’s new comedy club.

The comedian and podcaster opened an anti-cancel culture comedy club, called Comedy Mothership, in Austin, Texas, this month, featuring a lineup of “canceled” comedians such as David Lucas, Ron White, Tim Dillon, Tony Hinchcliffe and Roseanne Barr.

“I’m drunk and on mushrooms in my new club! This is as high as I’ve ever been onstage,” Rogan, 55, said. “I need to connect with this moment.”

Rogan said he aimed to create a safe space for comedians to share their dark humor without the fear of being canceled.

“You can’t fire me from my own club, b–ch!” exclaimed Rogan. Comedy Mothership’s first show on Mar. 7 sold out in minutes, with $40 tickets now being resold for $500 online.

Thank god. Who else can we get in there? Rock? Gillis? Louis? Chappelle? Every funny comedian ever? I'm glad this club finally opened for a number of reasons, but now that I know the theme I love it even more. It's honestly genius. Open a comedy club where comedians can say...get this...whatever they want! Wild concept, right? People exercising their free speech without the fear of being persecuted by the ultra-woke green-haired cucks of the world. It feels like the pendulum has finally swung back in the direction of reality when it comes to comedy.

Here's what Rogan had to say on the opening...

“I felt compelled to do it … I never wanted to own a comedy club, and I always felt like you just had to be nice to comedy club owners because you never want to be one of those people. But then when I knew I was moving here, and [Austin’s Capital City Comedy Club] was already closed. I was like, ‘Maybe I should buy a f–king club, and start a club.’ And that became my focus,” Rogan shared on Theo Von’s podcast.

The website also came with this disclaimer...

“Comedy is subjective and certain comedians are not for everybody. Watching a YouTube clip or reading the headliner’s biography is a great way to get insight on the expected performance,” the Comedy Mothership website reads.

Cell phones were pouched upon entering the building so there's no footage from last night, but Roseanne was quoted as saying the following…

Rosanne Barr, actress and comedian known for her role in “Roseanne,” shared her cancel culture frustration with the audience. “After 30 years of fighting ABC to have black writers and black characters on my show and then having the same f—ing libtards turn around and call me a racist, it really f—ing pissed me off,” she said. “I want to thank Joe for building this wonderful Mothership for comedians,” Barr said. “It’s so great in the green room with everybody up there being drunk and smoking pot.”

So yeah, they're slinging it. I'd love to see what the rest of the line up had to say but for that I guess I'll just have to go to the club. Congrats to Joe and everyone involved. That's it for this one. Have a wonderful Friday.