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Dillon Brooks Made Sure To Talk His Shit After The Grizzlies Completely Dominated Draymond Green And The Warriors

Jesse D. Garrabrant. Getty Images.

After Draymond Green decided to hop on the mic, turn on his camera, and absolutely obliterate Dillon Brooks

I think it's fair to say that there was quite a bit of attention on tonight's Grizzlies/Warriors showdown. A matchup that already had a fairly large amount of importance for both teams given their respective seeding races, you add in some Draymond/Dillon Books beef into the mix and now you're cookin'. As expected we got our little dust up moment which you knew was coming the second Draymond's video hit the internet

and sadly…or not sadly, it's hard to know who to side with in all this given who both of these guys are, but unfortunately for Draymond, his video rant aged rather poorly. You can't talk THAT kind of shit and then step onto the court and get your asses handed to you.

It doesn't even matter that Draymond didn't even play all that poorly. He finished with 16/5/7/3 on 5-9 shooting in his 30 minutes, but none of that matters. He and his team got punked. No wonder this is a 7-26 team on the road, their defense is dogshit and guess who loves to talk about his defense? Draymond. It doesn't matter that Dillon Brooks scored 14 points on 15 shots, he gets to talk his shit

This is a great example of the exact problem with Dillon Brooks. He thinks he played great tonight. I guess 6-15 (1-7) is great, and this was sort of Draymond's point. Zero self awareness with that guy, but tonight Brooks has earned the right to talk whatever shit he wants. If we're being truthful, I was kind of disappointed in what he had to say postgame. That was it? Draymond went as hard as he could in that video so I was hoping for something much juicier if Brooks was going to be in a position to punch back. That was a bit of a letdown, I can't lie.

When you consider what the Grizzlies are currently dealing with, this was a pretty impressive win. Nobody knows when Ja is coming back, they already lost Brandon Clarke for the year, Steven Adams just went down and they won't see him again for a while, and they took down a mostly healthy Warriors team with relative ease. I like Kuminga, but I'm not sure he makes up a 21 point difference, so even having to play without him the Warriors had enough talent to win this game. Instead, they got rocked.  A 48 point quarter to open the game, the Grizzlies were in control wire to wire and now move to 27-5 at home. Pretty good!

Looking ahead, these two teams play again in 9 days back again in Memphis on 3/18. Things are changing every single day from here on out, so I imagine that matchup is going to be very important to both sides just like tonight was. I'm now wondering what Draymond is going to have to say about things now on his next episode, surely it will be civil.