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Preseason No. 1 UNC Won't Even Sniff The NCAA Tournament, Officially The Biggest Failure Of A Team In College Hoops History

And there's that. The biggest failure of a college basketball team we've ever seen. That's not even hyperbole. It'll be a fact on Sunday - only because that's how long we have to wait for the brackets to come out. UNC shouldn't even sniff the bubble. There's not one thing they did that puts them there besides wear that baby blue argyle jersey. If they were basically any other team we'd hardly talk about them.

The truth? UNC never should have been the No. 1 team in the country in the preseason. I had them 5 in my rankings of all Division I teams and even that felt high. But - the majority of people - bought into the fact they return everyone they had to improve. Even if it was a normal improvement of a season - going from an No. 8 seed to like a top-4 seed - they were overhyped. They can't shoot. They played through Bacot - who was banged up during the season - and the loss of Manek was bigger than anyone wanted to give credit to. 

This team just isn't good. They have 1 quad 1 win. They are 9-12 in Quad 1+2 games. Their best win is home to Virginia or neutral against Ohio State. Gross all the way around. And like I said, this is the biggest failure in the history of college basketball. Upsets happen. UMBC beating Virginia isn't as embarrassing as this. St. Peter's over Kentucky, Norfolk State over Missouri, Oral Roberts over Ohio State, whatever other 15 over a 2 you want to pick. UNC had a whole season to live up somewhat to the hype and they just sucked all year. You at least make the Tournament if you get upset. You're not setting history - unless you're Virginia and the first No. 1 seed to lose to a 16. But you made it. 

We won't see a failure like this UNC team for a long, long time.