Barstool Baseball Is Undefeated

The Dark Knight has risen. Vincent Pasquantino leads Italy to a 1-0 record today and we're back with Episode 3 of his vlog series. This takes us into the opening games of the WBC. Nothing crazy. Just a nice inside look at the Italians and the daily life of a pro ball player. Hopefully at least one of you is enjoying this angle on the tournament. I couldn't afford the travel and was trying to do something nice for you guys. So we got Vinnie here taking us around town with the fellas: 

Promotions aside, he's such a good looking ballplayer. The exit velocities this morning were ferocious. 

Couple other quick shoutouts: 

- Castellani got up at 6am and spent 4.5 hours watching the game with me this morning. That's good shit fellas. Felt like an old school Red Line Radio watch party with 6 other people loyally tuning in. I'm lucky enough to know these are the good old days as I'm living them. Thanks to anyone who gives a fuck. 

- Nicky Lopez is such a good looking player. Heads up defense all day and solid plate appearances across the morning. He's got one of the hardest and most important jobs in pro sports as a 3-position utility infielder. Always ready to play. Such a smooth fuckin dude. All of that makes the fact that some Taiwanese pro team hates his fucking guts and wants to see him struggle and hurt. 

- The Dark Knight is fuckin BACK folks. How about 88 with heavy sink? How about filthy curves and just competing your balls off with a lipper? 

- A lot of people are talking about Shohei fucking up China today. I don't mean to disrespect him but the real story is Vinnie and Sully and Nicky putting down Cuba in dramatic fashion. 

- Next game is tomorrow at 4am. I'll be up for it. Maybe a stream. Maybe another Live Blog. I'm figuring it out as we go. For now the most important thing is that Barstool Baseball is undefeated after Day 1 of the competition.