Is St.John's Not Making The Big East Semifinals In 23 Years, In A Building They Play Home Games In The Most Impressive Streak Of Failure Going ?

Marquette survived in Overtime today to take down St.John's in the Big East Quarterfinals. St.John's fought hard, and had their chances to win. For most people who weren't fans of either team it was a great noon game for conference championship week . Everything you want, drama etc. Great TV. 

With 4-5 minutes left on the Sportsbook stream, St.John's fan Glenny Balls pointed out that St.John's has not made the conference semifinals since 2000. Now, I remind you, St.John's plays a few home games in Madison Square Garden where this tournament has been played since it's inception. I was astounded. Have not made the SEMIFINALS in 23 years ! 23 Years. Literally astonishing stat. 

St.John's is so weird growing up around here because forever we heard stories about Mark Jackson, Walter Berry, and Chris Mullin and how great St.John's was. People my dad's age told stories of the 1985 Final Four and going to games at the Garden and St.John's being NYC's program to get behind. Then watching Felipe Lopez, Omar Cook, and Erik Barkley as a kid you wanted St.John's to be great. They were fun to get behind. Then for a lot of years they flat out stunk. Recruits in the city league, which for my money is one of the best in the country, stopped going there and less and less people could remember St.John's being relevant at all. They tried everything to make a comeback, even bringing Chris Mullin back as coach, then unfairly forced him out too early. Nothing worked, St.John's just isn't the St.John's my dad talked about. 

This is all time feeble behavior, and I am actually amazed at how long this streak has gone on, and the crazy thing is I don't see it ending anytime soon. It's got to be one of the longest streaks in the country for any of the Power 6 conferences (B12,ACC,Big East, SEC,Pac 12, and B10). Sad, sad days for the Johnnies … what a joke. 

I also talked in depth with former St.John's coach Fran Fraschilla about the demise of St.John's. Many are clamoring for Rick Pitino to be hired, but I think the program is so down, even he can't save it.