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Home Court Advantage: Taiwanese Cheerleaders Start Doing Splits And Shaking Their Ass Under The Basket To Distract A Free Throw Shooter

I've long said that we need BASEketball to come to real life. What better place than the Taiwan Super League? According to their Wikipedia there's only 4 teams in the league including the Taiwan Beer. Perfect. It matches up perfectly with the Milwaukee Beers. But this is about supporting the team for the cheerleaders. You're living and dying with each play, you want to see your team win. Do anything possible to help out.

That's what they did here. Dropping into splits and shaking their ass? Immediate free throw miss. Home court advantage like you read about. It's like the scene in The Replacements: 


I'm all for this. Why not? It's a free throw. The players aren't doing anything. We don't tell fans to sit down and not try to distract players. Let the cheerleaders get involved. I think whoever came up with this should be an assistant coach. They show initiative and the willingness to come up with something creative to help the team. 

Easiest missed free throw in Taiwan basketball history.