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Flyers Forward Scott Laughton Got Pranked In The Middle Of A Podcast Into Thinking He Was Packing His Shit At The Trade Deadline

I'll tell you what--I've never been more convinced that Scott Laughton needs to be the next captain of the Philadelphia Flyers than I am after watching that clip from the Nasty Knuckles podcast. 

You think about what the past couple of seasons have looked like in Philadelphia. The Flyers have become an organizational disaster from the top down. The owners are incompetent. The general manager is out to lunch. The coach is a prick. The players have thrown in the towel. Everything about the Philadelphia Flyers organization is a joke at the moment. 

And yet...Scott Laughton's balls were still in his throat at the thought of getting traded away. Granted, most of that anxiety probably stemmed from having to tell his wife that they need to pick up and move to a different country. But even still. You'd think that getting out of Philly and getting a chance to play with guys like Matthews and Marner would feel like hitting the jackpot to a guy like Laughts. That it would be his dream to not have to finish the season with this team. 

But no. You could tell from that sip of coffee that he's never been more relieved to be staying in Philly. That right there is a guy you can build around. If I'm Chuck Fletcher right now, the first thing I'm doing is trying to figure out how I still have a job. The next thing I'm doing is realizing that Scott Laughton deserves way more than $3M per year and hooking him up with a fat contract extension. The Sergeant. What a guy. Slap a 'C' on his sweater right now.