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Providence's Season Wasn't Derailed Because Of Injuries, Fighting Or Coaching ... Apparently It Was All Because Of A Lil Durk Concert

This is 100% real. I made sure. I mean I made sure that both David Borges was a real Journalist and that Lil Durk did in fact play at The Dunk (fuck the AMP) before Providence's game. It checks out. It's why this sport is so perfect. I love it for dumb reasons like this ... mostly because college kids are dumb. We're not talking about pros here, we're talking about guys who are sitting in like Econ 101 like the rest of us. 

Now I used derail to sell the blog a little bit. But there is truth in this. If Providence just beat Seton Hall at home, they wouldn't be sweating out the bubble. It's not like they'd be a top seed, but they'd be firmly on the 9 line. Now you look at BracketMatrix and they are viewed as one of the last 10 seeds. That makes for a sweaty week - not Sean Miller sweaty, but Bruce Pearl sweaty. A win over UConn makes it all irrelevant, but a loss and you gotta wait to see what happens around the country. 

I just love that this is coming out today. Teams get derailed all the time for a variety of reasons. Suspensions, fighting, coaching, girlfriend fighting. Whatever it might be. We've seen basically every story. But now we have a story that Providence was tired because they went to a concert the night before. I love it. Lil Durk and tall boys, the downfall of Providence basketball.