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Min Woo Lee Hobbling Around The Tee Box With A Cramp After Hitting His Drive Proves Golfers Are Elite Athletes

I know I don't talk about it much but I love golf. Watch weekly, listen to Foreplay, play weekly. I'm fulfilling the stereotype of a middle-aged dad living in the suburbs. But this? This is all I needed to see at the Players today. You can take the Hayden Buckley ace on 17 early. I want this. I want to see my guys like Min Woo Lee here hobbling around the tee box because of a cramp.

Don't tell me golfers aren't athletes. Athletes get cramps. A lesser sport would have saw him hit the ground and wait for some spray to come out. Maybe go to the bench to get the massage gun and get that cramp out. Min Woo Lee just pipes a drive and gets ready to walk. You can't teach that sort of toughness. 

And this 100% was a problem. He finished bogey-bogey to drop from -6 to -4. Cramps are brutal. I don't care who you are, you know that feeling a cramp hits you. It's one of the worst. You can't even do anything besides try to shake it out. That first hop hit home. Every single person experienced that before. You don't know what to do besides the awkward one leg hop. 

Golfers. Athletes.