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Floyd Mayweather And His Crew Pulled Up On Jake Paul Yesterday And Jake Chose To Just Run Away

This was after the Heat game last night. We don't know if anything provoked this before or it was still from when Jake took Floyd's hat a while back. First of all anyone saying Jake Paul is a bitch for running is insane. If just Floyd pulled up on me I am running for the hills. Add 20 of his guys next to him I might just play dead. 

I think this is a sad look from Floyd because it's clear all he's doing is trying to make some money off of Jake. Floyd has been fighting anyone that decides they want to start boxing and he knows that Jake pulls a crowd. Listen you gotta do what you gotta do to get in the mix and make money, but this was just weird to me. 

Everyone making fun of Jake for running makes me laugh because I think that is the smartest thing you can do in that situation. This might be a bad take but fighting Floyd would be a downgrade of a fight for Jake. Floyd does it just for the cash. He has admitted he will just put a show on for the crowd and won't be genuine. I think it was a good attempt by Floyd but he will just have to fight the Bachelor next.