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A Couple Booked The Wrong Vacation Because They Are (Potentially) Illiterates

NY Post- An impromptu trip to Hungary resulted in two friends spending their vacation over 500 miles away from their intended destination.

Sophie Alice, shared the misadventures she took with her friend, Ben Kennedy, after he tried to surprise her with a trip to Budapest, Hungary but accidentally bought plane tickets to Bucharest, Romania.

The pair realized the mistake when they were in line to board their flight as the gate sign read “Bucharest,” the capital of Romania instead of Budapest, the capital of Hungary.

In the video captioned “When you thought you had booked flights to Budapest,” a Ryanair boarding sign displays “Bucharest 08:00” while the duo mouth the word “s—t” several times with the voice-over of the video.

Replying to various commenters asking if they did go to Romania, Alice responded with an enthusiastic yes.

Funny little story here of a couple ending up spending time in a completely different country, but making the best of it. Now, this is a terrific attitude by these people to stay positive despite a setback. I envy that kind of even keeled headspace. I wish I could remain that calm in situations, but I sit here typing this as a man who wanted to get back on the plane and go home when the beach in Mexico had so much seaweed I was demanding a refund that I got lied to. Turns out, seaweed is common on the beaches of Mexico that time of year, and there's literally nothing you can do about it. I stewed and complained for a few hours (like an asshole) but that night I realized drinking by the pool was just fine, and when push came to shove you were still on vacation so whining about things did zero, and it was much better to enjoy the time I had there. Lesson learned. 

So again, bravo to these people for laughing it off and making the best of the trip. Especially if they were friends who don' see each other as much. 

On the other hand, gotta kind of make fun of the one that booked it for potentially being an illiterate. Now, I should be real careful here because I clicked the wrong dates on a trip to Vegas and ended up going an entire day earlier than the Bachelor Party and had to spend a day watching Paw Patrol and Bolt while building block castles with my little cousins (truth be told, this was a very fun day). So I may not be the best to pass judgement, but at least I booked the right place. This idiot booked a completely different country. Come on man. You gotta be double and triple checking the country, the dates, the specifics, etc. An entirely different country ? Moron. Illiterate. He's lucky there wasn't major differences in the temperatures. Can you imagine your the innocent friend and you pack tropical wear and shorts etc, and end up in some country freezing your balls off ? I would never let that friend live that shit down. 

Moron move to book the wrong flight, but hey travel can be difficult, sometimes people can even get on the wrong plane, just ask Stephanie and Michelle Tanner.