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Oh No: Bill Self Is Currently In The Hospital With An Illness, Missing Today's Big 12 Tournament Game And Possibly Longer

Well this wasn't something I expected to see today. Kansas is one of the hottest teams in the country. They are all but locked into a No. 1 seed at the NCAA Tournament. What Bill Self has done this year in terms of losing a ton of NBA talent after winning a title is one of his better coaching jobs ever. I seriously mean that. Who on this roster scares you? Yet Jalen Wilson is an All-American, Gradey Dick, is hilariously awesome, DaJuan Harris is a good point guard. He's figured it out. 

But now Self is in the hospital and the school is being pretty vague about it all. Calling it an illness, reading that press release where it sounds like he's still in the hospital but not saying anything else. It's all very weird. There are rumors out there that he had a possible heart attack, which hopefully isn't true. 

Self is one of the faces of college basketball. There are only 6 coaches left that have a won a title - Self, Cal, Izzo, Drew, Pitino and Tony Bennett. That's it. That's the list. So hopefully Self is healthy and able to coach in the NCAA Tournament. Like I said and Norlander tweets, that release makes it seem like Self is still in the hospital. 

Kansas plays WVU today at 3pm. Hopefully we'll get something clearer after the game but I doubt it. But this is for sure something to keep an eye on going forward and seeing when Self can get back to the sidelines.