After Wining And Dining At Aaron Rodgers' Mansion, The Jets Reportedly Have Optimism They Are About To Acquire The Star Quarterback As The Packers Continue To Work With Them To Get a Deal Done

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It seems we may very well be heading towards that light at the end of the tunnel here with the Aaron Rodgers decision saga, which definitely hasn't been dragged out long like he promised wouldn't happen (eye roll). Anywho, the Jets flew private to Rodgers' mansion the other day where they wined and dined with the future HOF. 

You don't send the whole calvary out there and walk away with any other answer than yes. It seems Rodgers was able to get over Woody Johnson's company creating a vaccine and those meetings went well enough to move forward towards a positive resolution, as Dianna Russini is now reporting. 

Okay, got the crazy man on board, the question that now remains is what the compensation will be. I've seen a 2nd and 3rd floated around, but can they get a 1st out of New York? I feel like with NFL trades especially, the haul is almost always underwhelming. I'm not expecting to be blown away. Leverage is far from on Green Bay's side at this point since there are exactly zero other teams in on Rodgers. The Jets are doing Green Bay a favor with acquiring Rodgers in terms of the dead cap hit in the years to come. It only gets worse from here if Aaron stays. The 2024, 2025, and 2026 cap numbers look like this $32,541,666, $51,141,166 and $45,291,668 unless things get reworked. How much are the Packers going to have to pay of the $59 mill owed to Rodgers in this upcoming season? That's where we're at right now. I'm expecting a resolution by Sunday before the legal tampering period begins for other free agents

This is all such a weird feeling. Now this will sound extremely asshole-ish, but I've only known two starting QBs my entire life being a fan of the Packers. They just happen to both be Hall of Fame players, sue me. Yes, I've been spoiled beyond belief since this dumb brain of mine led me down this bizarre path. Favre being on the TV playing on FOX's game of the week forced me to fall in love with him as a little kid in the early 2000s. He was the fucking man (I disavow anything he's doing now). Then Rodgers came into the fold and it was like nothing changed at all. Now he's following in his predecessor's footsteps and heading to New York. Are dick pics soon to follow? Time really is a flat circle. 

Unlike when Rodgers took over though, I'm more than ready to get the Jordan Love boat started. I never wanted to let go of Favre. I cried at 76ers sleep away basketball camp when my dad called me on the house phone to give the bad news that he was retiring the first time. He was just too much fun to watch even if at the end of his stay he was seeing two of everything and just chucking up balls into triple coverage, hoping his guy came down with it. With Rodgers this has all just become so exhausting. Every March I have no idea what this dude is doing or thinking. I'm actually happy he'll be a Jet and will be able to watch all of his games here in New York, but it's time for some normalcy. Let's see what the kid has got, play a season or two under minimal expectations, and maybe fall ass backwards into another superstar.

P.S. You just know the Packers are actually gonna draft a WR (hopefully Addison) in the first round this year. It's written in the stars for that storyline to take place.