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BAM: It Only Took 6 Tee Shots On Thursday For Somebody To Make An Ace On The Island Green Thanks To Hayden Buckley


What a hot start to one of the best tournaments of the year. Not much beats the island green at Sawgrass. Having been there I can testify it is a phenomenal amphitheater to watch golf and an environment like no other.

On the scorecard today it’s playing 125 with a short pin that’s certainly gettable. They usually put it on that front slope at least one weekday every year. Given that it’s a wedge for all these guys, you would think an ace would happen more often, but this is only the 11th ace on this hole in tournament history. There’s been a bevy of them in recent years (5 in 7 years), with Shane Lowry being the most recent one last year.

If there’s one downside about today’s 1, it’s that it happened before the crowd had really filtered in. Place is gonna be packed and buzzin this afternoon. But folks probably already missed the best show of the day. 

That’s why I encourage anyone going to any golf tournament to go bright and early and get their money’s worth. What other sporting event do you get 12+ hours (sometimes more) to roam a gorgeous property and watch the world’s best from mere feet away at no extra cost? Best opportunity to make the most of that is to be there early when others aren’t. Did that for a morning Tiger tee time at TPC Avenel a few years and watched his whole warmup from 15 feet away and his whole round. Unforgettable experience.

But I digress. This blog is about this ace. Congrats to Hayden Buckley and congrats to anyone lucky enough to run into him at the bar this afternoon.