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The Salad Bar Is Officially Open At The Minnesota State High School Hockey Tournament

First of all, ain't no way that dude is only 18. This is a man who has an alimony payment. A guy who wakes up at 4am every day, grabs his lunchpail and hard hat to go to work a 12-hour shift. If this kid is 18 then he must have stopped getting carded at the booze shop when he was in 6th grade. This kid is a senior in high school but he's already had his 10-year reunion. 

Good news is that he probably saves a fortune at the gas station. You don't have to fill up the truck with $200 worth of diesel every week when you provide it yourself. Absolute stallion. 

And speaking of guys who can steal your broad with one quick skate up to the blue line, let's talk about 23 on Alexandria for a moment here.  

I like to call this the convertible. Little buzz for the boys, lettuce for the ladies. Take the top down and go for a nice little cruise. This guy just gets it. A beauty's beauty, if you will. Mark it down as things you truly love to see. 

And we love to see all the boys bringing the heat to the Minnesota State High School Hockey Tournament. I'll be honest for a moment here and say I'm not necessarily crazy about the fact that we see all the best heads of lettuce pop up on social media now before we get a chance to see them for the first time in the All Hockey Hair Team videos. That Sunday morning after the tournament wrapped up every year used to feel like Christmas when that video would drop. Now it feels like you're watching replays for the most part since all the biggest Flowseidons of the tournament already end up on Instagram. So I'll just keep it to these two beauts for now in this blog to save some excitement for the video to drop. 

In the meantime, enjoy some of the best from previous years.