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BREAKING: Shawn Kemp Has Been Booked In A Washington Jail For An Attempted Drive By Shooting In A Mall Parking Lot

Holy hell this is not something I expected to see on the timeline tonight. I had to check the source more than once to make sure it wasn't one of those fake accounts. But, yeah, this is very real. Legendary basketball player Shawn Kemp has been booked for an attempted shooting in a mall parking lot. 

I don't even know how the hell it gets to this point. I mean you're Shawn Kemp. This actually goes for any regular person too. Just don't attempt to shoot someone. Seems pretty simple here. But I guess it still must be said. Obviously this just happened and more information will likely come out but all we know is Kemp has been booked.  Luckily it's reported there's no injuries. Not that it makes Shawn Kemp here any better by any means, just glad it's nothing more severe. 

But what is going on out there? Between this and the whole Ja Morant saga, Adam Silver is in hell right now. Might want to address any player with a gun before trying to change overtime rules. That's just my opinion though.