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DePaul's Nick Ongenda Delivered One Of The Best Blocked Shots You'll See At The Buzzer To Beat Seton Hall In A Wild Ass Finish

What a bizarre, fucking awesome ending man. You had Seton Hall completely melting the game away - including a turnover, a foul on a 3 to go down. And then this. Great play design by Holloway. Odukale got to the rim, looked like a somewhat easy layup to win it back for Seton Hall.

Then it happened. 

Nick Ongenda with an absurd block. The timing of the jump to the swat is the definition of perfect. Now I know it was called a goaltend on the court because that's what refs have to do. They can only review a goaltend if they call it - they can hold it up as one or reverse it. You can't review if there's no call. That's why it's called that way.

They got it right. Credit to them. That's not a goaltend. Not even close. It's just a damn perfect basketball play. That's the only way to describe it. Then the dude delivered a great postgame interview. 

What a perfect Wednesday Big East Tournament game. I know people don't like the fact it's not the 'old' Big East, but this Tournament, every single year delivers.