82 Year Old Asshole Named Mayo Sold $800,000 of Counterfeit Sports Cards

Per the Department of Justice

A complaint was unsealed this morning in federal court in Brooklyn charging Mayo Gilbert McNeil with conspiracy to commit wire fraud in connection with a scheme involving counterfeit sports trading cards.  McNeil was arrested this morning in Denver and is scheduled to make his initial appearance this afternoon in the U.S. District Court for the District of Colorado.  McNeil will be arraigned in the Eastern District of New York at a later date.

“As alleged, Mr. McNeil defrauded sports memorabilia collectors of more than $800,000 by intentionally misrepresenting the authenticity of the trading cards he was peddling when, in fact, they were counterfeit. 

Seriously, fuck this old man named Mayo and everyone else who was in on this. This wasn't just some guy selling "custom" cards out of his garage. This was a well planned scheme where he, with the help of his fantastic friends, traveled the United States selling and trading fake sports cards with fake authenticity papers including counterfeit 1986 Fleer MJ Rookie cards.

That piece of shit, Mayo, was originally caught selling fake cards to a Las Vegas shop back in 2017. The then 74 year old loser idiot gave the hobby shop his real government ID with his dumb real name so they knew who he was when it was determined the cards were fake. He then went on to obtain fake ID's from his scumbag acquaintances so that he could continue the scheme.

It sucks hearing this news just a few days before I head down to the Philly card show, but it's a good reminder. You're not buying the card. You're buying the dealer. Even if a card appears to be authentic, don't make major deals with people you don't know and trust. And do your research on the card you want before buying it. It isn't always this obvious to spot a fake.

I was pre-law at FSU. I have studied the criminal justice system and I believe the death penalty is warranted here: Bernie Madoff, Jeffrey Epstein, and now this old bastard, Mayo! Hell, at his age and the amount of years he faces, he might ask for the needle, in which case, we should oblige him. Oh, and any of his co-conspirators can get a taste of that triple flavored cocktail too.