It's Still Insane Watching One-Armed Basketball Player Hansel Enmanuel Make Ridiculous Blocks In A Conference Title Game

I've blogged about Hansel Enmanuel before. He was a very good, viral high school basketball player who competed in dunk contests and destroyed dudes. Now he's here in his freshman year at Northwestern State and more importantly he's out here competing in the Southland title game. Not even just competing, he's playing serious minutes because of plays like this. That's a hell of a defensive read, he went up and met the dude at the rim. Even more ridiculous was in the first half when he got back-to-back offensive rebounds wrestling the ball away from a Texas A&M Coprus-Christi guy. 

I will never stop being amazed at a dude with one arm like Hansel making absurd plays. I know he's used to it and has adjusted to playing basketball that way, but it still blows my mind. 

Remember here's his backstory

Donato Domínguez remembers as if it were yesterday the moment when his life changed forever. He was 6 years old when he was playing in his native Dominican Republic and a wall came down. He was trapped for almost two hours and it was his father who had to come to his rescue. That day he lost his left arm and with this the hope of playing baseball again, a sport that he practiced at that time.

Awesome to see him play at this level and this game has been sneaky good. Northwestern State jumped out to a big lead and looked like they were going to roll. Shit even Corpus Christi's point guard was battling an injury. But as I write this with 4 minutes to go they have the lead by 6.