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WATCH: A Taco Bell Brawl Breaks Out When An Employee Announces They're Out Of Crunchwrap Supremes

Y'all fucked with the wrong one today. There's no doubt in my mind this Taco Bell employee once worked at a Waffle House. This was not his first rodeo.

There will be those who watch this video and pretend to be appalled that a man defended himself against women. And then there will be those with common sense who posit that maybe these women shouldn't physically attack a guy making minimum wage because he said there are no more Crunchwrap Supremes — which is a moronic thing to get that upset about anyway, because the Taco Bell menu is 20 borderline identical items packaged slightly differently.

Those women should be thanking their lucky stars they had a guy with them who was willing to stick up for their bullshit against the party that was actually wronged. He looked like a fool and defended them quite poorly, but he stepped up, which is far more than they deserved.

I don't know what the fallout will be in regards to this employee's status at Taco Bell following this incident, but if he's relieved of his duties, he can go right back to Waffle House — and I would assume likely in a leadership position. This is precisely the set of skills WaHo is looking for.