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The Queen of NYC Real Estate Gives Us Investment Tips & Says Her BF Dumping Her for Her Secretary Drove Her to Success

Watch the full interview here:

"That bastard."

Barbara Corcoran didn't mince words about how she felt after her ex boyfriend of 11 years left her for her secretary. The two had just built successful real estate business together. The worst part?

"I couldn't fire her because he owned 51% of the company," she said. 

Not ideal. Not ideal at all. Fortunately, Barbara found a way out of that scenario and opted to dissolve the company to try and make it on her own. Her ex paired his affair with the parting words of: "You'll never succeed without me."

Big mistake. The insult made Barbara vow to herself that she'd rather die than let him see her fail. And so, there lies the story of how Barbara Corcoran built a billion dollar business from a $1,000 loan from her cheating ex boyfriend.

When we asked about real estate advice for New York City renters in their 20's, Barbara was clear and concise: "Get in the game as fast as you can."

"You're in a no-win game. When you're in your 20's you have a big ego. I have advised so many people in their 20's to hit up their parents, there's no shame in that. Nobody in New York under 40 buys without the help of family. If they have a savings, or a rich uncle or rich aunt does, you can say, 'How would you like to be my partner? I'll give you half the profit when I sell this thing. Just give me half the down payment or the full down payment.'"

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