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Dog On The Field Is Always The Best Play In Soccer

You want to know what I've never understood? The fact that every time an animal runs onto the field during a sporting event, security is always so quick to remove them. 

Have none of these bozos ever seen Air Bud before? If an animals runs out onto the field, they should be allowed to at least stick around for a few plays. Let's see if they have any moves. It just seems foolishly short-sighted to try to get them off the field right away. Sure, the majority of them might just be stupid dumb animals that got lost. But for every 10 or so idiot animals, there might be one who is a certified bucket. Again, I just don't think it would hurt to let them run around for a few minutes just to be sure. 

Anyway, I've never been more convinced that this is the Union's year. They were so close last season. They literally had the lead in extra time of the MLS Cup Finals. Had soccer been a normal sport that decides games by a sudden death overtime, the Union would have been your 2022 MLS Champions. But now that they have this very good boy on their side?

There's not a doubt in my mind that the boys are running it back and winning the whole damn thing this year.