More Cool Ancient Technology: The Acoustics At Teotihuacan, Mexico Are So Perfect That An "Inside Voice" Is Amplified So The Entire City Could Hear

People seemed to love the Great Pyramid Of Giza being a power plant episode of Dogwalk (linked below) so I figured I'd give you more ancient shit to marvel at today. 

The Aztecs and the Mayans built pyramids in Mexico as well. These structures don't receive the same sort of love and wonderment that the Egyptian Pyramids get. The Mexican ones deserve some serious love for the acoustics alone. Supposedly they were built so acoustically perfectly that a conversation from the proper place could be heard by EVERYONE in the square when speaking at a normal conversational volume. They could address 200,000 people at once. Think about the effort that would take. You have to know construction, engineering, physics, and acoustics with perfect precision, then you also have to have the motivation and the manpower to actually build these giant structures. A society and culture so advanced that the citizens could hear every bounce the skull of a sacrificed child makes after they throw it down the steps of the pyramid. Incredible. 

I think I am going to make ancient weird shit a regular Friday blog. If you know about cool shit like this feel free to send it over. 

Here is the Egyptian Pyramid Teslas episode. Not sure how much I believe the things mentioned on the show, but they are fun to think about.