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Going To Class Sucks, But Sara Duque Should Make You Want To Learn Six Different Languages

One of the best things about graduating college is you're done taking classes. Yeah I know most of the time it's like 2-3 classes a day and nothing on Friday. But there was always something brutal about sitting in classroom. You're just .. stuck there. Similar to a cube, but you don't realize it yet. That's even more true when it's a class you don't even want to take yet you have to. 

But here comes Sara Duque. Say hi to Sara

Sara is one of the unsung heroes in the soccer world because she helps guys learn English. You see, she's fluent in six languages. 

She even helps World Cup champs

I always struggled with learning a different language just never clicked for me. Shit, I struggle with the English language even. Not to mention I took speech classes, thanks to this light speech impediment. I would go back in a heartbeat if Sara was teaching. Could finally learn Italian and show up Dante. Could even put together a full English sentence without stumbling over my words. 

Anywho, congrats to Sara who is getting her due as the unsung hero.