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The Anaheim Ducks Are Absolute Dog Shit, But Trevor Zegras Still Rules

Trevor Zegras is fun. Trevor Zegras is exciting. Trevor Zegras scores the type of goals that can bridge the gap between casual and die-hard hockey fans in ways that other superstars cannot. He's not the best player by any stretch, but there's a reason why the NHL markets him harder than any other star in the game right now. 

Trevor Zegras also plays for one of the most statistically horrendous hockey teams we've ever witnessed in NHL history. On a team that plays most of their games at 10pm EST and nobody would give a shit if they just stopped playing for the rest of the year. It is borderline disrespectful to consider them an NHL team at the moment. If you have a goal differential of -99 at any point throughout the season, you deserve to get relegated. 

All I'm saying is that if there's going to be a collective outcry to move Connor McDavid out of Edmonton because they can't find a way to win a Cup with him, then there needs to be the same movement to get Trevor Zegras out of Anaheim. 

Granted, Zegras might actually be better off playing for a dog shit team where he just gets to score circus goals every other night that do numbers on social media. Maybe that's where he best serves the NHL. You can't put him on a roster that is fighting for a playoff spot right now because most coaches would staple his ass to the bench if he tried to pull off something like that and it didn't end up in the back of the net. Trevor Zegras is to the NHL what a little free sample is to a drug dealer. Put his highlights on Instagram to hopefully attract a larger audience, and then hope they get hooked from there. It doesn't work as well for guys like McDavid because most of his highlights just make it seem like everybody defender in the NHL sucks. If you're not watching hockey all the time, you just think "okay that looked incredibly easy", without realizing just how much of a freak McDavid is. But Zegras highlights are universally silly. 

Also...Zegras, McTavish, Troy Terry, Drysdale are all 25 and younger. The pipeline is pretty solid, too, with guys like Olen Zellweger and Nathan Gaucher. And most importantly, there's nothing that would make the NHL happier than to make sure the Ducks' logo is on that ping-pong ball that awards them the 1st overall pick in the upcoming draft to put Bedard on the same roster as Zegras. So the Ducks are dog shit for now, no doubt about it. But it sure would be nice if that changed soon.