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The Most Exciting Player In College Basketball Is In The NCAA Tournament And It's Exactly What The Sport Needed

You likely remember the name Max Abmas. If not, remember what he did 2 years ago? 

Well guess who is back with a much better team? Seems kind of crazy to say considering Kevin Obanor proved he can play at a high level at Texas Tech. But, this Oral Roberts team is a disgustingly good mid-major team. They have 5 guys shooting 40% from three. They have a 7'5" transfer from Arkansas who can pick and pop. They have a top-25 offense in the country. They haven't lost since Jan. 9. 

Oh they also only have 4 losses on the year. The losses? At Saint Mary's (No. 11), at Houston (No. 1), at Utah State (No. 23) and at New Mexico (No. 49). Not too shabby! I know people will shit on their schedule but they are a mid-major. What do you want them to do? 

But this goes to a bigger point kind of the sport needed Max Abmas. Mostly because he's the most exciting player in the game but also because there just aren't a ton of great guards this year. This season is dominated by big men across the country. The NCAA Tournament is simply made for guards. Every single team that makes a run, every title team, every fun mid-major - good guards. We now have that. 

Oral Roberts is going to be a popular pick to pull off an upset and rightfully so. They are good as hell.