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Grit: Josh Hart Refuses To Blame Fatigue For The Knicks Loss Because, 'There Are People Waking Up At 6am For 12 Hour Shifts, We're Playing A Game'

No wonder Thibs loved this guy. This might as well be plastered above Thibs' office. Oh you think you're tired? Why? Just because you played 50+ minutes against the Celtics Sunday night? Get your ass back out there and go win a game. This is why I love this group and this team though. Josh Hart could have taken the easy out. Like yeah bro we're exhausted even if this job is a game. Nope. Went full quote about people waking up at 6am for 12 hour shifts. Thank you for focusing on me during March and blogging 12 hour days, Josh Hart. We thank you here at Barstool. 

Last night's loss sucked. No doubt about that. Losing to the Hornets, blowing a lead all that for the 9-game winning streak to snap. Brutal. I want the 4 seed. I want home playoffs against the Cavs. But now I want Josh Hart re-signed to the Knicks. The man knows how to win over the city and he's a perfect roleplayer for this team. And, once again, Thibs loves this dude. 

Now let's get right. Get Jalen Brunson healthy. Keep some legs for the playoffs and win a goddamn series.