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Some Asshole With A Car Horn Is Ruining The World Baseball Classic

I am desperate for any baseball that isn't boring Spring Training. I just want games to count. March 7th at 11 PM is a date I had circled on my calendar since they announced the World Baseball Classic schedule weeks ago. The WBC was starting with Cuba facing off against the Netherlands. 

I intended to lie on my couch, have a couple ciders and enjoy a relaxing night. They announced the lineups before the game and I got even more excited.

New Padre Xander Bogaerts is the big name here but the some other names were even more exciting to me. Has Yeonis Cespedes recovered from getting attacked by a wild boar that effectively ended his Mets career? 38 year old Roger Bernandina is in center field for the Netherlands even though he hasn't played in the major leagues since 2014? Mix all of this with the two White Sox sluggers playing on team Cuba and I was even more amped. It was like some bizarro Old Timers Day where regular MLB players can also play. This sounds great!

The joy lasted for a pitch until Car Horn Man made his debut.

The entire top half of the first inning was almost wall to wall car horns. It was like the soundtrack to some horrible traffic jam was in my living room. As bad as that is, imagine sitting next to this asshole? It was so loud just on the television. Who is this guy? The game is being played in Chinese Taipei. Did someone from Cuba or the Netherlands travel all the way there just to do this?

My anger even grew to FS1 who was televising the game. Can they shut off the crowd mics near this guy? Should I just mute the game? Why aren't the announcers talking about Car Horn Guy? If it wasn't for Twitter, I'd wonder if it was my imagination.

I've always said whistling is the most selfish thing someone can do. No one asks for it or wants to hear you whistle. People who whistle do it for their own self-interest. Mintzy is absolutely right to despise the Vandy Whistler. I don't think he should of murdered him but you can understand why the anger had gotten that level. I might have to reassess that whistle theory. Bringing a car horn to a game with thousands of people around you while many more thousands watch on television is Bernie Madoff levels of fan selfishness.

Instead of a relaxing night watching Cespedes flail at pitches and wishing my name was Chadwick Tromp, I'm filled with rage. As Jerry Seinfeld once said: