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The Big 12 Released Their Own Anthem For Their Conference Tournament And It's So Bad That It's Officially The Song Of March

This...this is a song. I'm now officially scared of the Big 12 because you might not be able to come back from this. It's so, so bad that I don't know if I can put any Big 12 team in the Final Four. There's a chance 3 of the 4 teams could be from there but now I'm starting to second guess myself. But then again, WE DON'T TAKE A NIGHT OFF. 

For some reason the Big 12 is trying to be this like entertainment center for the conference tournament. They have Shaq and Fat Joe performing! 

They have these special food items for every team: 

How the hell do you give Baylor a float? You're telling me this is all Baylor has?


Save that shit for when BYU joins the conference. 

Like I - and anyone with a brain - have been saying, the Big 12 is easily the best conference in America. It's not even close. I don't know if it's just the basketball nerd in me or what, but just promote that. You don't need DJ Diesel. Everyone always needs Fat Joe. 

But it's official. This song is so goddamn bad that I have no choice but to name it the song of March. The number 1 college basketball song until One Shining Moment hits. 

PS: Reminds me of this: