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Liv Morgan Did Not Give One Single Shit About Whatever This Guy Was Talking To Her About At The Knicks Game

Is this likely a case of the camera catching it a perfect time making a bad visual? Most likely, but it's still hilarious. WWE star Liv Morgan could not be bothered. I don't blame her. The Knicks are hot. She probably wanted to see what Immanuel Quickley would do on his next floater. Maybe she was caught off guard by Julius Randle hitting a three. Maybe, and probably correctly, she couldn't believe she was watching the Knicks lose and snap their 9-game winning streak. 

But we've all been here. This is basically how I feel whenever I try to explain my job to someone and how I actually get paid for it. This is for sure how I feel when I try to explain to my wife the NET rankings and how certain games matter more during the regular season yet it doesn't impact the entire season. It's truly a miracle someone wanted to marry someone who spends a whole lot of time talking about that. I digress though. 

I'm sure she knows this guy, but still, tough look. Liv, you're invited back as long as the Knicks don't lose again.