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We Should Talk About How Awesome The World Baseball Classic Trophy Is

There hasn't been enough dialog about the World Baseball Classic but I'm here to bring you the heat. We have to talk about how cool the trophy is. The tournament itself is going to be fantastic, the best talent in baseball representing their countries all gunning for the same thing, this fucking sick trophy. THIS is a trophy that you compete for, not the dinky World Series one. The WBC trophy actually has some size to it. It's pretty massive.

Pool. Getty Images.

I ranked the top 5 trophies a few years ago but I think I have to amend the list because the WBC hardware has to be on there. No you can't drink out of it, but that isn't what this is about. You don't have to have to drink out of every trophy, a can or cup does the job. This objectively is an awesome trophy. Maybe it does look like a Blackberry trackball in the middle but just imagine how well you'd be able to play Brickbreaker with a trackball that big. It doesn't really look like any other trophy but I love that, it's unique. They didn't overdo it, they didn't overcompensate, just a nice and clean design. The trophy obviously is shaped after the WBC logo which is another fantastic piece of art, maybe the best logo for a sport? 

It's an all around sweet looking trophy, a pure 10/10.

PS. I just thought this was a great tweet