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Nick Cannon And Kevin Hart Duped Everybody Into Believing They Were Premiering A Gameshow Called "Who's Having My Baby?", Featuring Women Competing To Have Nick Cannon's 14th Child

Entertainment Tonight - In what's being billed as "the mother of all game shows," Nick Cannon is set to pick from a slate of contestants who want to have his next baby in a new game show hosted by Kevin Hart.

The 42-year-old father of 12 took to Instagram on Tuesday to tease the trailer dubbed Who's Having My Baby With Nick Cannon, set to air this spring on E!. In the video, Cannon takes his place in the hot seat with a wide smile while Hart tells him, "You're gonna get some contestants that wanna have your baby."

It's unclear if the contestants were selected at random or if Cannon has or currently is dating these women. In any event, several women appear in the teaser clip, in which Cannon also jokes about his selection process when he says, "Eeny, meeny, miny, [moe]."

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The fact that major media outlets, (NY Post, Daily Mail, Entertainment Tonight) all fell for this, as well as myself illustrates just how far we've fallen as a civilization. 

There is no length reality TV won't go to to grab eyeballs. There's no "low" too low for E! television. And there's no womb Nick Cannon won't put a baby in.

So when I saw this, I believed it. Forgive me for falling for a very realistic show, that to be honest, probably is only 2-3 years away from being an actuality. 

Variety - UPDATE: Variety was right. This was all a stunt to promote the launch of a new show, “Celebrity Prank Wars.” As others reported this on face value, questioning how real it was, we had the truth from the start. Read on below.

If Nick Cannon’s new game show “Who’s Having My Baby?” sounds more like a sketch than an actual TV show… that’s because you’re right. No, there won’t be a TV show called “Who’s Having My Baby?” because, well, what would that show even look like anyway?

That doesn’t mean Hart and Cannon aren’t having some fun first with the confusion over the faux TV series. Cannon went on Twitter Tuesday to claim he would be starring in E! Entertainment’s “Who’s Having My Baby?” and even shared a teaser. (Yes, that’s a sketch, not a show.) As hosted by Hart, the fake show would appear to be a competition between single women eager to birth Cannon’s next child.

That sound you hear? Of that’s just humanity circling the drain. 

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I’ve been covering Nick Cannon’s mission to repopulate the planet now for quite some time. 

And during that time, I think I’ve come around on him.

You can hate on him all you want, point fingers and say what he's doing, (reproducing like at a rate that would make gerbils blush) is wrong because of x, y, and z.

But as an open-minded individual, who admittedly doesn’t know anything, I reserve the right to change my mind, and I think this is me announcing it's changed. 

Nick Cannon might have it all figured out.

He somehow cracked the code and found a plethora of attractive women that want to have his babies. And they don’t mind that he’s having sex with other women, unprotected, and exchanging bodily fluids with them either. And perhaps the craziest part, none of them are bitching at him or hassling him to marry them, wife them up, cuff them, lock them down, or whatever term the kids use these days.

My question is how?

Nick Cannon is rich, but he’s not own your own luxury watch company rich. He’s not yacht week in Saint Tropez rich. 

So point is wouldn’t he be broke if he was supporting 14 children and their mothers 100%? 

If these women weren’t cool with this situation and setup, they’d be bleeding him dry. But it seems like they’re cool.

The birth rate is declining for the first time in decades. Partly because millennials don’t like sex. Actually, hold up, they like the idea of sex, more than they like actually having it. 

The world population is scheduled to decline believe it or not.

But don’t say Nick Cannon isn’t doing his job to prevent that, and keep our species alive, going strong, and thriving. Before you point fingers and judge, ask yourself if you’ve done yours.

They say that one in 200 people living today, are descendants of Ghengis Khan. That he's had 16 million descendants total. Well he's now been put on notice. One day the history books might look back at Nick Cannon the same way.

P.s.- it looks like Nick has started a movement. This guy brought his 6 pregnant girlfriends (simultaneously) to this wedding to show them off.