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You Will Never Be More Excited About Anything In Your Life As Clippers Owner Steve Ballmer Is About The Number Of Toilets In His New Arena

Myung J. Chun. Getty Images.

In September if 2021, the Clippers announced that after all this time, they were finally getting out of the Lakers shadow and would be building their own arena in Ingelwood. It looks sick as hell

One of the best parts of their initial announcement was around one specific detail of the new arena

Well here we are about 2.5 years later, and the entire Clippers team came out to the site to check in on the construction. As you can imagine, Steve Ballmer is still VERY excited about how many toilets this thing is going to have

This is perfect Steve Ballmer. This is genuine, it's not an act. He's not playing into a role or anything like that, this is just who he is. The guy was talking about toilets in 2021, and he's still pumped in 2023. I guess when you have more money than God, it's the small things in life that bring you true joy. I have to admit, this does sound nice. A total of 3x as many toilets? I didn't know this was something that NBA owners needed to address but if this helps set the standard then in that case we're all winners. Nobody loves standing in line and missing game action, and now you can be sure that if you go to a Clippers game, that's not happening on Steve Ballmer's watch.

You know how I know this is a big deal? Look at Kawhi! He's smiling!

The only ever time I've seen Kawhi express this type of emotion was when this happened

and while I'm sure there are some Russell Westbrook/bricks/construction jokes to be made here, I won't rain on the Clippers parade today. This is a big deal for them and their franchise, especially since the Lakers are about to stink once LeBron leaves. Can you imagine a competitive team AND easy access to toilets? That might finally be enough to change the tide and help the Clippers no longer be the Lakers little brother. Crazier things have happened.