White Sox Dave And I Interviewed Gavin Rossdale, Legendary Lead Singer of Bush, Last Week and Asked Him Who His Favorite Musician From Chicago Is, What Some Of The Worst Jobs He Ever Had Before Making It Big Were, And How He’s Managed To Stay So Damn Handsome Living On The Road For 30 Years

Gavin Rossdale should need no introduction. 

He was the man back in the 90s, and it’s apparent after sitting down for an hour with him (and his adorable dog Chewy, which tours with him) that he still is.


White Sox Dave and I were lucky enough, thanks to the AWESOME people at Chicago’s stunning new live music venue, The Salt Shed, and our awesome team at BSBS, Megan and Jourdyn, to line this interview up. 

I’ve got to meet some pretty big time people in my life but I can honestly say I haven’t been as star stuck in a while as I was sitting face to face with Gavin Rossdale.

Growing up in the 90’s, Bush was fucking massive here. As we discussed, they were huge back in their home England also, but they were competing for king of the alt rock mountain with Oasis and Blur.

Oasis was big here in America for sure, Blur not so much, but Bush was welcomed here with open arms. 

Because their music was so great, and Gavin was a total babe.

Every chick no matter the age wanted to fuck him. And every guy wanted to be him. 

I can’t tell you how many kids in my school rocked his middle part, medium length undercut whatever hairstyle he had going on. 

So sitting next to him all these years later, after being a fan for this long, was kind of a mind fuck.

Dave and I got off some pretty good questions and Gavin couldn’t have been more entertaining and open.

He informed us who his favorite artist from Chicago is. (Spoiler alert, it’s not Smashing Pumpkins)

His thoughts on the Royal Family

And even about his love for, and friendship with the best chef in the world, Chicago’s own Grant Achatz, and Alinea-


it was an awesome interview and an even better concert after.

Bush still sounds fucking great, and their newer music, which I wasn’t too familiar with fucks. Hard.

And speaking of fucking hard, The Salt Shed is one of the sickest venues I’ve ever been in. To say I’m jealous as hell of the job that the Thalia Hall crew did on this space with R2 developers is the understatement of the century. 

It’s one of the most unique venues in the country, and despite its odd shape, the acoustics were great. 

They also knocked it out of the park when it comes to amenities and concessions. There are plenty spread out, keeping lines short, and the prices can’t be beat. Look at this-

Catch Bush if they’re playing a city near you.

And follow them online -


Watch the interview here-

And listen here-