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All-Star Voting Open As Fran & Nick Turani Lead The Early Returns || (The Dozen: Week 21 Preview & Rankings)

The Dozen Week 21 is upon us. Last week saw upset wins from teams ranked outside the Top 15, which has stirred the pot in the league as many of the teams in the middle need to get wins, or else they may fall down the rankings. All-Star Game Voting is live, so players will have one last shot to boost their stats and get some votes. Our correspondent Scoops L'Aguirre has the breakdown…




  • The Frankettes fall to their lowest ranking ever at #5 after losing to Flux. Meanwhile, Flux rises from #17 to #12 after their second straight win and now has a great chance of making it into the tournament.  

  • Ziti moves into the #2 ranking after their win over Chicago despite a Yodels/Devil Dogs controversy. Chicago slinks down from #16 to #18; the former Crown Holders are now in serious danger of missing the tournament.  

  • Team Minihane finally moves back into the Top 3 for the first time since their loss to Ziti in Boston. They will be going for The Crown soon.  

  • The Misfits must feel disrespected as their win over #4 ranked Yak led to them only moving up two spots. The Yak’s loss did not even affect them, although they played without Rone, so fans were forgiving.  

Now onto the Week 21 preview…


(13) Spittin Chiclets
- 2-1-0 Record  
- 13.00 Points Per Game 
- 2.00 Steals Per Game 
- 100% Niche Success Rate  
-- RA: 7.44 PPG 
-- Whitney: 7.22 PPG 
-- Biz: 4.89 PPG 

Chiclets Category Advantages: NHL, Movies, Celebrity Mashup 

(15) Booze Ponies
- 1-3-1 Record  
- 10.0 Points Per Game 
- 2.60 Steals Per Game 
- 60% Niche Success Rate  
-- Dana: 6.10 PPG 
-- Feits: 3.47 PPG 
-- Will: 2.70 PPG 

Ponies Category Advantages: College Basketball, NFL, Television 

We have two teams with big personalities looking to bounce back. Chiclets are coming off their loss to Ziti in Chicago, and Booze Ponies are returning after getting blown out by The Baddies. Both these teams have massive fan followings that should carry them to the tournament, but a win here would go a long way for each.   

It’s going to be a fascinating match-up. A lot of pressure will be on Feits in this game. He is the Booze Ponies Movie, Television, and NHL guy, and he will be facing RA, who is one of the league’s best players in all three. If Feits can hold his own, the Booze Ponies have a good shot at winning, as they should dominate the other major Sports categories.  


(9) Gen XYZ
- 3-1-0 Record  
- 13.50 Points Per Game 
- 1.75 Steals Per Game 
- 100% Niche Success Rate  
-- Large: 6.92 PPG 
-- Jake: 5.17 PPG 
-- Vibbs: 4.67 PPG 

XYZ Category Advantages: Music, Movies, Celebrity Mashup 

(14) Chicago
- 2-2-1 Record  
- 11.20 Points Per Game 
- 3.40 Steals Per Game 
- 67% Niche Success Rate  
-- Reags: 5.27 PPG 
-- Rico: 5.07 PPG 
-- John Rich: 3.80 PPG 

Family Category Advantages: Snacks & Candy, NBA, NFL 

Gen XYZ is quietly second in the league in points per game, and they’ve done so with three players averaging over 4.50 points per game. In all honesty, they should be ranked higher.   

The Family has been a mess the entire season, and John Rich might be the most disrespected player in the league, with the disrespect coming from his teammates. I will say when The Family gets hot, they’ve proven to be a strong team across multiple categories.   

College Basketball is the category to watch as Reags and Rico typically Double, and if they miss and Jake steals, the game is over.


(6) Uptown Balls
- 4-2-1 Record  
- 13.14 Points Per Game 
- 2.43 Steals Per Game 
- 71% Niche Success Rate  
-- Glenny: 6.64 PPG 
-- Tommy: 5.14 PPG 
-- Smitty: 4.29 PPG 

Balls Category Advantages: NFL, MLB, Celebrity Mashup 

(17) Macrodosing
- 2-2-0 Record  
- 10.00 Points Per Game 
- 1.50 Steals Per Game 
- 67% Niche Success Rate  
-- Big T: 4.67 PPG 
-- Mad Dog: 4.33 PPG 
-- Arian: 2.58 PPG 

Macrodosing Category Advantages: College Football, Snacks & Candy, Music 

These two teams had polar opposite outcomes in their most recent matches. Macrodosing pulled off a gutsy OT upset win over Smockin in their last game, and Uptown Balls blew a massive lead and lost in OT in their most recent game against Flux.   

 Uptown Balls are the reigning champs and should be able to beat any team. However, chaos is a ladder, and Macrodosing has been able to be competitive with the better teams in the league.   

The category to watch out for is Celebrity Mashup. Lately, Balls has been doubling, and if they miss, Mad Dog has proven to be strong in the category.   


  • The Snack God wins both Offensive and Defensive Player of the Week after a massive 10-point performance that included 5 steals. Clem joins Eddie in the MVP conversation as both are Top 3 scorers.  

  • Joey earns Rookie of the Week after a career-high 9 points in Flux’s upset win over the Frankettes. His Celebrity Mashup and Chain Restaurant steals were the difference makers.  

Enjoy the matches this week! Buy some merch…

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