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The NCAA Tournament Committee Is Reportedly Looking At Viewing The Outcome Of A Rutgers Game Different Because Of How Bad Refs Are

I've been in this college basketball world long enough now to feel fairly comfortable talking about the committee and metrics and all that shit that people bring up this time of the year. This? This is something I haven't seen before. You may remember this play: 

Seemed great for OSU, except, well: 

Make no bones about it Rutgers got screwed. But how do you change the outcome? Teams get screwed all the time, maybe not to this degree, but there are bad calls and statements made all the time in this sport. How does the committee view this differently? I mean Rutgers is firmly on the bubble. Do you view it as a no contest? Do you view it as a win for Rutgers? It's clear they are at least entertaining the idea. 

Now, sure, Rutgers could just win a Big 10 Tournament game and likely be fine, but this is opening up a whole new way for the committee to view things. I don't know how you change it. Not like the Big 10 said, oh hey, Rutgers is now the winner.