They Should Cancel The Emmys Next Year And Send All Of The Awards To 'The Last Of Us'

'The Last Of Us' delivered another incredible episode this week in the season's penultimate installment (my Big Screamin Honkers teammate Klemmer perfectly recapped it HERE) and I gotta say - I think I'm ready to cancel the Emmys next year and just send all of the awards to the cast and crew of this show.

I mean c'mon - we already know Pedro Pascal is gonna win one, because let's be honest - he'll probably be nominated against himself four other times with the amount of shows he's in; Bella Ramsey secured her Emmy this week with a few MASTERFUL/heartbreaking scenes as Ellie, and evvvverybody knows Bill and Frank will get a pair themselves for Episode 3. That episode took over the damn internet for a week!

Despite the success of the show and the overwhelmingly positive feedback we've been giving it, though, things have been EXTREMELY contentious in the Basement lately. It all started with Clem saying that he hates Legos a few weeks ago....

I know that considering my stunning looks and awe-inspiring athletic ability, you wouldn't expect this - but I grew up OBSESSED with Legos. 

My shelves were covered in Star Wars and Batman sets, I painted my own custom minifigures, and even made stop-motion movies with huge backdrops, lamp-lighting, and a lot of free time. Hating on Legos was just not something I could let slide. 

Clem then went right after the fact that I don't like peanut butter - so therefore I don't have a leg to stand on in ANY argument - and he stormed off the podcast a week later when I suggested I'd like a lifetime supply of Banana Laffy Taffy if given the choice of any candy….

….so because of all this fighting between us, I surprised Clem and brought in our good pal John Henry Feitelberg this week to see if we could save our marriage. It's a situation straight outta 'Chasing Amy' if you've ever seen that….

We had a blast talking about this episode and a lotta laughs were had - if you're itching for some more pre-finale 'Last of Us' content, check it out on YouTube now! 

We made predictions, pointed out a couple fun facts about the episode you might not have known about, and even got a quick KFC cameo….

If you want to wait for it to hit the podcast feed, it'll be paired with our new 'Mandalorian' recap (which may or may not feature Dave Portnoy) on Thursday morning after our first annual Disney trip….