Colombia Could Ship Hippos To India and Mexico, Which Makes Me Think Which Animal Would You Want To Trade Out Of Your Area ?

Karen Paolillo. Shutterstock Images.


AP News- BOGOTA, Colombia (AP) — Colombia is proposing transferring at least 70 hippopotamuses that live near Pablo Escobar’s former ranch - descendants of four imported from Africa illegally by the late drug lord in the 1980s – to India and Mexico as part of a plan to control their population.

The hippos, which are territorial and weigh up to 3 tons, have spread far beyond the Hacienda Napoles ranch, located 200 kilometer (124 mile) from Bogota along the Magdalena River. Environmental authorities estimate there are about 130 hippos in the area in Antioquia province and their population could reach 400 in eight years.

Escobar’s Hacienda Napoles — and the hippos — have become a sort of local tourist attraction in the years since the kingpin was killed by police in 1993. When his ranch was abandoned, the hippos survived and reproduced in local rivers and favorable climatic conditions.

Scientists warn the hippos do not have a natural predator in Colombia and are a potential problem for biodiversity since their feces change the composition of the rivers and could impact the habitat of manatees and capybaras. Last year, Colombia’s government declared them a toxic invasive species.

Crazy story that the hippos were obtained illegally via Pablo Escobar, as if he didn't already do enough crazy things in his life. It makes sense as to why Columbia needs to look into relocation when you factor in the safety of the animals and the people in the area regarding the river etc. The most interesting thing to me in the story was Escobar's connection. Other than that, not much. hope the animals get to a better location, and everyone is safe. 

What did start to make the wheels in my brain click was thinking of this. If animals , or populations of animals could be traded to different regions in the country, which animal would you want traded out of your area ? And which animal would you want in return ? 

Trust me I wish I saw different animals roam past my house and mozy along the grassy fields across the way, or maybe even have some animals on the farm myself. That's just not the case living in a city like New York, so when people read this they may think my dream animal in a trade isn't a great pick, nor will they understand how difficult some of the animals I would trade away are. That's the beauty of this country, the things some understand are the things others can't comprehend. Different things for different parts of the world. 

I live on Staten Island in New York City, so it's very simple the 3 animals on my trading block. 

1- Pigeons 

I'm not anti bird, actually think a lot of birds are beautiful. Robins, Orioles, Blue Jays, flamingos etc. It's so rare we get to see them , yet when we do they stop you in your tracks. Beautiful birds. One bird that isn't beautiful is a pigeon. They are on the street more than they are in the air. They are dirty, I never checked but I'm pretty sure they smell, and they seem to be angry. They are also everywhere. No one passed by a pigeon and said "oh how beautiful", people see pigeons they want them gone. Which is why pigeons to me are a no brainer on the trade block. 

2- Rats 

I mean how much do I really have to sell you on this one ? Get the rats out of NYC, everyone's a winner. 

and …. 

The one I would trade away … 


I can't believe I'm saying this but turkeys are an issue on Staten Island. Massive issue. 

They don't give a fuck. Just sit in the street not moving, fucking with people. Hanging out by the hospitals and parks, shitting places. Turkeys are an issue. I don't know how we got here, but we did and turkeys have got to go. The turkeys would be the animal i trade away . Rats and Pigeons suck, but Turkeys gotta go. 

What animals I would want in return 

I do like birds like robins, and blue jays like I mentioned. I also think giraffes roaming the suburbs would be great, and watching cheetahs sprint down a highway would be awesome, especially on highways that clock speed would be awesome. But the trade I would make would be dolphins or whales, and I think whales get the edge. 


Imagine looking out on a walk along the piers in the city, or in the waters under the bridges on Staten Island and seeing animals that people take boats to go pay to see on vacations. Whales jumping out of the water with the sun off in the distance behind them ? How could you not say that is a beautiful thing to watch ? Compared to fucking turkeys? Give me that trade asap. 

That's my list … roast me in the comments on what trades you would make.