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Sacrifice: Brazilian OnlyFans Model Stopped Watching Her Favorite Soccer Team So She Can Try And Be A World Cup Ref

[Source] - DEBORA PEIXTOIS is determined not to let her OnlyFans account hold back her dream of becoming a lineswoman.

The model influencer has started her training to become a football official but is aware she will have to break some prejudice.

“And secondly, I produce content for OnlyFans and people think that just because I'm there, I can't understand several subjects or enjoy doing other things”.

Debora revealed: “When I was more connected to a team, I even made several trips to see it play.

“I slept on a bus and had an entire room in my house dedicated to it, nowadays I don't even watch the games anymore and I need to be completely impartial.”

Yes, I'm going to beat all the comments here. She's not the most attractive Brazilian model but this isn't about that. This is about sacrifice for a dream job. Debora - what Brazilian is named Debora? - wants to be a World Cup linesman. That means she has to sacrifice and beat the odds. You think they'll just let any OnlyFans model on the big stage? Well, for the right amount of money probably, yeah. It's still FIFA we're talking about here. 

We all would sacrifice for dream jobs. For some people it's spending more years in school. For some it's doing anything to get out of cubes so you can blog about smut and sports. For others it's being a ref at the World Cup. Really all the same if you think about it. Basically whatever you want to do to make some money and survive. That's the name of the game after you graduate college. 

I do appreciate how she just wants to be a lineman. Full on ref? No sir. I don't want that responsibility. I'll just call offsides and help out with some foul calls. I appreciate that. That's knowing the sweet spot. You don't want to be the A-lister. You want to just be at the show. 

Giving up watching your favorite team though? No thank you. Couldn't do it. An entire year of not watching Kentucky would be brutal. Good for my health, but brutal. I want to experience the highs and lows. There's something about watching your team that just gives you that sense of warm feeling. You may know a disaster is coming, but it's your disaster. Anywho, good luck to Debora.