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Aaron Rodgers Is The Savior The Jets Need

After years of Mark Sanchez, Geno Smith, Sam Darnold and Zach Wilson, is this really happening? The Jets are going from the worst QB in the league to the guy who won the MVP two of the last three years? I honestly believe this roster is good enough to become a Super Bowl contender with Rodgers behind center. I'm not the only Jets fan in the office who is really excited at this possibility.

I know the easy joke is that we are an old folks home for Green Pay Packer QB's. I do think this is a little different than when the Jets got Brett Favre in 2008. Favre did have a very good 2007 but was on the decline for awhile leading up that season. I will admit last year was not Rodgers' best but he also had few options to throw too. Favre threw 22 TD's in 2008 but also had 22 picks. I am confident that Rodgers can outperform that next year.

The concern for me is how much the Jets would have to give up to get him. The Packers seem very ready to move on from Rodgers so maybe the price tag wouldn't be so high. The Jets have the 13th overall pick in the draft next year and ideally they can hold onto that. 

The nice thing about Rodgers is that he won't cost much for the Jets from a salary perspective. The Packers will have $40 million in dead cap money because of bonuses however:

SOURCE- Rodgers is under contract through 2024 for $108.8 million. Technically, the contract, signed last March, runs through 2026, but 2025 and 2026 are considered "dummy" years for cap purposes. His deal includes a fully guaranteed $59.5 million this season, with $58.3 million coming in the form of an option bonus, payable before the start of the regular season.

Because his bonus money is prorated, Rodgers wouldn't hobble the Jets' cap. He would count $15.8 million in 2023 and $32.5 million in 2024, cap-friendly for a player of his stature.

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New York seems like an ideal place for Rodgers. His personality always seemed too much for Green Bay especially as he got older. As much as I want him to join the Jets, I can understand the Packers wanting to move on. It's been an annual soap opera with him not just deciding whether or not to play but also when he'll report to camp. I imagine that can get tiring for a fan base after awhile.

From the Jets perspective, bring the drama. We don't care. This team needs an identity in the worst way. Rodgers being the face of the franchise would be exactly that. It's fair to point to him being 39 years old and his declining touchdown numbers. I'm looking past all of that and even a guy performing like he did last year still bringing this team deep into the playoffs. Match Rodgers with Garrett Wilson, Breece Hall as well as a world class defense and a team that hasn't made the playoffs in 12 years is suddenly very good.

You don't believe me? The Jets went 7-10 with Zach Wilson as the primary quarterback. You literally can't do any worse. You're telling me we could get a future Hall of Famer? That's nice Billy wants to take him to a Russian Bathhouse but at this point after 43 years of being a Jets fan, I'll offer to be his towel there.