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People Are Afraid To Admit It, But Conference Tournament Week Might Be Better Than The First 4 Days Of March Madness

People get upset about anything that my brain decides to tweet. This one isn't crazy whatsoever. Conference championship week is better than the first 4 days of March Madness. 

We get so many fucking games 12pm-12am from Monday-Sunday. There might be some shitty conferences playing, but there's still all sorts of basketball at 12 in the afternoon on a Tuesday. Nothing like it. The best part about it for me is when a team like Georgetown wins the Big East Tournament. That team was god awful, but no matter how bad or good your season was everyone has a chance to make it to the big dance. Especially when we get to Thursday crazy shit is constantly happening and teams are playing with their backs against the wall at all hours of the day. There's no time to go to the bathroom. You strap yourself in when the first ball tips and just enjoy the chaos. 


And yes I understand how amazing the first four days are of March Madness, and that is why I said arguably in my tweet. Seeing teams that you haven't seen before beat Kentucky will never get old but I think the Conference tournament needs to be put into the category of one of the best weeks of sports. Look at the schedule for this Friday...

You are getting 36 games on a Friday with a lot of really good teams playing each other. Honestly I love both so much and that is why college basketball is the best. Every team has a chance, as opposed to college football where you can go undefeated and not have a chance to win a national championship. I'm so excited.