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This Theory That The Great Pyramid Of Giza Was Actually A Prehistoric Electric Power Plant Has Blown My Mind Because It Seems Plausible

We should just NEVER stop studying and thinking about the Great Pyramid of Giza. We shouldn't go more than 12 hours without bringing it up in conversation. Nobody knows how old it is, how it was built, the purpose of it, and all the little facts like this one

They JUST found another chamber. Like last week. The structure might be 12,000 years old and we are still learning basic things about. 

Was it a power center? I don't fucking know, but Nicola Tesla certainly thought so and he's a lot smarter than me. Sound, chemicals, vibrations, conductors…it makes sense to me. I don't know really how any of that shit actually works, but the way it's explain feels like we should have free wireless energy anywhere that we can build a structure near a waterway. Full episode below